Family of Siebenmorgen


When I got the idea to do this project, it was to be quite simple with one page containing
name, birth date and death date for Dad and each of his brothers and sisters.

After I had completed some of these, they looked too short of information. The whole project
then took on a series of evolutions. The next generation, I included a photo of each one and I went with that for a complete set. Some of these I showed to some of the family and asked for comments and suggestions.

One suggestion came from Lynne Richards. That was to include a Profile of each for the
benefit of the younger generations who never saw or knew their aunts, uncles, and or grand parents. I thought it was a good idea.

In writing a life story for each, I can write only what I know and can recall. It is quite
possible that information important and known to others will be omitted. I would encourage all to add and correct anything that is incorrect or omitted. In some cases I will use accounts already
written by cousins. This is the case for uncles Louie and Hugo. These were taken from Hugo's book "Family of Siebenmorgen." I hope to obtain stories about aunt Emma and aunt Laura from their families.

Along with the Profile suggestion, I decided to include with the birth date and death date of
each, the town and state of the birth and death. I have since thought that the cemetery where each is buried would be a good addition. For the moment I am not going to initiate another revision to add that information.

I was ready to complete this project when it occurred to me that something was missing to tie
all this together. To provide this I must include Grandpa (Guswin) and Grandma (Anna). Additional Profiles are in the schedule for the future, and that is to include the married
partners of Dad and his brothers and sisters. To do a good job of this I need input from all cousins concerned. Your perspective should be the same as mine, that is information not only of your parents but also about your aunts and uncles. I hope to issue this in a few months.

As with any effort with family History or Genealogy, it is not possible to complete it and this
job is no exception. Any detail or information missing, is not missing by intent.

I hope this serves some purpose other than occupying my time when it is cold or raining

I call this my bubble gum project. The longer I chew it the bigger it gets.

Clement Siebenmorgen
6094 Larios Ct.
San Jose. CA 95123-3929
24 January 1996

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